Recent Projects


Research-Driven Advocacy Programs 

nleads 1  Nevada Leads and West Coast political consultant Richie Ross hired Quirk Global Strategies to help design a research program to demonstrate public support among Clark County voters for the recently-passed education reform package that fundamentally changed the way education is delivered in Clark County. The surveys also revealed broad-based support for a compromise on the Governor's Educational Savings Accounts that protects public funding for schools, creates a needs-based funding formula and gives parents more control over their children's education. The survey was widely released to the media and public education advocates around Nevada.

"There are smart pollsters, insightful pollsters, accurate pollsters... but few are all three.  Christine Quirk is.  She makes people who hire her look smarter than we really are."  Richie Ross, campaign consultant, Sacramento, California


ndi logoA former Country Director in Azerbaijan, Christine Quirk has a long-term relationship with NDI. She's working on ongoing projects in Ukraine, including a groundbreaking qualitiative project exploring attitudes toward LGBT designed to support a national advocacy campaign to promote tolerance. She also managed a focus group project exploring attitudes toward Ukraine's emerging political forces in late 2016, and consulted on an assessment to increase women's role in Ukraine's decentralization process.


 In 2013, Christine Quirk oversaw 14 focus groups in Liberia on behalf of National Democratic Institute, traveling to some of the most remote areas of the country to observe and manage an inexperienced field and moderating team. She analyzed the data and provided strategic recommendations to guide the advocacy activities of three Liberian NGOs working on women's, resource extraction and sanitation issues. Read the report here.


"In great support of NDI-Liberia's civil society program and its local partners, Christine Quirk led focus group research in seven distinct geographical areas countrywide, and very effectively identified the most common and pressing grassroots concerns.  The report she produced has been extremely effective for a variety of our audiences.  The FGR findings were presented both visually and narratively, guiding local CSO advocacy groups to new messages and strategies, as well as to areas in which they can best collaborate in legislative and policy advocacy."
Aubrey McCutcheon, Resident Senior Director, National Democratic Institute-Liberia


Christine Quirk has also consulted with NDI's Iraq program. She has conducted multiple trainings for youth members of Iraq's growing political parties, teaching them the practical applications of strategic research, including qualitative and quantitative techniques.

"Christine did a great job illuminating for young Iraqi political party leaders the public opinion research process.  Hopefully, her efforts will contribute to more substantive policy making on the part of political parties in Iraq in the future."  Lisa McLean, Resident Country Director (frmr), National Democratic Institute


Also on behalf of NDI, she trained a group of municipal leaders from Saudi Arabia on democratic campaign strategies. She also conducted a large survey of Roma and non-Roma in Romania in early 2009. In 2011, she managed one of the first qualitative research projects in Libya, conducted just two months after the fall of Col. Qaddafi.


Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids LogoCampaign for Tobacco Free Kids is the one of the leading NGOs fighting tobacco use in the U.S. After receiving a large grant to launch new international programs in some of the world's smokiest countries from Bloomberg Philanthropies, CTFK asked Quirk Global Strategies to help them set up opinion research programs in nine countries, ranging from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia. QGS conducted two nationwide surveys in Turkey in advance of and after the implementation of the country's smoke free law that helped guide public outreach activities. Additionally, QGS has completed two in-depth surveys of Indonesians' attitudes toward tobacco control, and one each in Bangladesh, Ukraine and Russia on the same issues. Currently, she is working with CTFK's new Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded project, the Advocacy Incubator, which is taking its successful smoke-free advocacy model and expanding it to include road safety issues in Tanzania, Turkey, India, Philippines and China. She also consults on advocacy efforts to fight obesity in South Africa, via a sugary drinks tax.

"Christine Quirk is a valued partner in our international advocacy efforts.  Although we have significant experience with opinion research in the United States, we were unsure of where to begin in countries like Ukraine, Indonesia and Turkey.  Christine de-mystified international public opinion research and her expertise has been a real asset to our campaigns.  She is extremely responsive, never balks at tight deadlines, and I'm pleased to say that our projects have gone smoothly from start to finish."  Nichole VeatchDirector, Primary Research, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids


Public Opinion Research Consulting

logoAnzalone Liszt Grove Research (ALG) is a public opinion research firm specializing in message development and strategic consulting. For nearly 20 years, ALG has helped clients ranging from President Obama, to EMILY’S List, to Microsoft achieve their goals. During that time, their work has been successful, strategic and accurate. Polling guru Nate Silver recently dubbed them one of the three most accurate pollsters in America. Relying on our worldwide network of data collectors, QGS helped ALG implement a worldwide survey on a sensitive social issue -- anti-semitism -- in countries ranging from the US/Canda to Iran.

"Christine has worked with us on a number of projects, including providing strategic advice and logistical management on a 100-country, 53,000 interview survey. Her country insight and pre-existing relationships with local partners in countries around the world helped make the project run exceptionally well--she's like having an in-country partner on a project, wherever you go.Brian Stryker, Partner, Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, Washington, DC/Chicago


DDemocracy Internationalemocracy International works to promote free and legitimate elections through monitoring, election administration strengthening, and supporting democratic political parties. Christine Quirk has worked with DI on a number of projects including a D&G polling program in Bangladesh, in which political parties were given access to cost-effective, methodologically sound research through DI's in-house CATI system. She managed and improved the system and ran experiments in which it compared favorably to F2F interviewing techniques typical in Bangladesh. She also managed a qualitative research project designed to inform a 2010 voter education program in Djibouti. She also served on DI's USAID-funded election observation mission in the 2010 Loya Jirga election in Afghanistan, as Observer Coordinator for Research and Communication. In March, 2013, she conducted an assessment of quantitative capacity in Libya . Subsequently, she managed a national quantitative study in Libya, using groundbreaking CATI technology and mobile sampling which included an experimental comparison with face to face data collection.

"Christine Quirk possesses the unique ability to contribute across the broad range of democracy programming. That’s why we consider her a key partner in our implementation of democracy programs around the world.  For Democracy International, she managed a very challenging set of focus group discussions in Djibouti and assisted us to coordinate a large international observation mission to Afghanistan’s 2010 parliamentary elections. She brings the highest level of professionalism to her work and is capable of maintaining such high quality work in some of the most challenging environments on earth.”  Jed OberDirector of Programs, Democracy International


KRC Research LogoA unit of the Interpublic Group of CompaniesKRC is a leading full-service communications research firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and Boston. Because of her experience working in the region, KRC hired Christine Quirk to oversee a focus group project in Saudi Arabia on behalf of a major U.S. university looking to expand its academic offerings. She also conducted dozens of in-depth interviews and moderated multiple focus groups in Qatar in an effort to help the university redesign its website. She has also observed focus groups in Asia on behalf of KRC and produced qualitative reports for the firm as a consultant. In 2013, she oversaw a series of focus groups in Istanbul for a major American consumer brand for KRC and its local partner, Weber Shandwick.

"Christine Quirk is insightful, responsive and a real team player.  She seamlessly worked with our team to facilitate on-site interviews and groups and develop analysis that was smart and actionable for our client.  She is more than a professional, she is a partner - and I would recommend her to anyone."  Victoria SneedExecutive Vice President (frmr), KRC Research  


Charney Research LogoChristine Quirk cooperated on Charney Research projects in Sryia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan and FATA, Georgia, Yemen, West Bank/Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bangladesh and the Gulf. In 2013, Christine Quirk helped manage and analyze data collected in Syria on Syrian's views of transitional justice. She has regularly traveled to Kabul to assist with Charney projects, such as the annual ABC/BBC News national survey.  She has worked on multiple quantitative and qualitative projects for the firm that focus on public opinion in the Muslim world, including large focus group projects in West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. She oversaw the interviewer training and quality control review process for one of the first quantitative and qualitative projects conducted in Pakistan's volatile FATA region and managed the data collection for projects in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Additionally, she conducted an exit poll assessment in Georgia in advance of the 2007 Presidential election as well as oversaw focus groups conducted throughout the country on behalf of the World Bank in 2008. 

“Christine Quirk is the person you want on a tough project.  She is a real trooper – ready to go to difficult places.  And she is a real pro – solid in her research, hard-working, and consistent in her application of sound research principles even in difficult environments." Craig Charney, PresidentCharney Research, New York


International Political Campaign Consulting

AristotleLogoModern political campaigning in Ukraine is in its infancy. Knowing that Christine Quirk has extensive U.S. political campaign experience and worked closely with Ukraine's Presidential Secretariat, Aristotle International of Washington D.C. hired Quirk Global Strategies to implement the country's first large-scale strategic phone bank program in the 2007 Parliamentary election. The program included both ID and GOTV components in multiple cities.

“Christine Quirk managed a large-scale call center for us in Ukraine.  Smart, tenacious and highly professional, she got the job done in a challenging environment.  I was especially impressed by her ability to break new ground in voter contact in Ukraine on very short notice.” Andreas Katsouris, Vice President, Global Services, Aristotle International, Inc.

Where We've Worked:

Opinion Research Projects

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Cameroon
  • China
  • Colombia
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  • Egypt
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  • Ghana
  • Jordan
  • India
  • Indonesia
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  • Libya
  • Mongolia
  • Morrocco
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan and FATA
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  • Qatar
  • Romania
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  • Saudi Arabia
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  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
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  • Turkey
  • United States
  • Ukraine
  • West Bank/Gaza
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

Project Management:

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  • Azerbaijan
  • Djibouti
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • United States
  • Ukraine

We've Trained:

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  • Americans
  • Azerbaijanis
  • Djiboutians
  • Iraqis
  • FATA Pashtuns
  • Liberians
  • Libyans
  • Rwandans
  • Saudis
  • Syrians
  • Ukrainians 
  • Zimbabweans

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  • Horn of Africa
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