Successful Advocacy Depends on Sound Research

QGS has an ongoing relationship with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and its new Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded offshoot, the Advocacy Incubator. After using research-driven advocacy and communications strategies to measurably decrease tobacco use in smoky places like Turkey and Ukraine, CTFK launched the Advocacy Incubator to delve into non-tobacco public health-related issues. Using the same proven model, AI is providing local NGOs with opinion research, legal advice and communications strategies to help them, in cooperation with the Global Road Safety Partnership, to identify key issues and legislatively advance the cause of road safety. So far, QGS has provided qualitative and quantitative research in China, Turkey, Philippines and India.

China: The Last Research Frontier?


It's a mistake to assume that conducting opinion research in China is an impossible assignment. It's true that sampling and data collection can be logistically complicated and expensive, and subject matter can be constrained by politics. However, QGS has conducted multiple qual and quant research projects in China on sensitive social issues, advocacy topics, corporate issues and B2B. Let us tell you how!