Time to Think Outside the Box

The world has changed in ways that few could have predicted ten, or even five, years ago. The political environment, even in western democracies, is deeply polarized. Information sources are diffuse and unpredictable. Most worrying, the values underpinning domestic and foreign policies -- support for allies, opposition to authoritarians and commitment to liberalism -- are under threat, even in countries where their primacy hasn't been questioned in generations.

Where do those who want to influence policy turn when traditional advocacy tools such as free media campaigns and legislative pressure are no longer effective or lie out of reach? 

After a decade of developing research-driven advocacy campaigns in the US, and another ten years doing the same in developing and non-democratic contexts, QGS has more tools at our disposal than most pollsters. Talk to us about the obstacles and the challenges you face. We have ideas

China: The Last Research Frontier?

It's a mistake to assume that conducting opinion research in China is an impossible assignment. It's true that sampling and data collection can be logistically complicated and expensive, and subject matter can be constrained by politics. However, QGS has conducted multiple qual and quant research projects in China on sensitive social issues, advocacy topics, corporate issues and B2B. Let us tell you how!